Yoga Blue Life is the only yoga trip whose proceeds will be used to cleanse the oceans. Under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers, you will spend ten wonderful days on the tropical island of Pulau Balong, which we have acquired to protect its nature from exploitation and destruction.

We will practice yoga together every day. Every penny you invest in a unique yoga trip with us goes to the Yoga Blue life project. So you support the people on our island to free the island from plastic waste together and keep it clean.

You support not only humans, but also sea turtles that live there. These are threatened every day by masses of plastic waste that is washed up on the beach. Be there and learn not only something new in yoga, but also about supporting our sensitive ecosystem.

What to bring:

  1. Headlamp

  2. Massage oil

  3. Hygienic products (organic only)

  4. Yoga mat

  5. Loose clothing (due to insects)

  6. Bathing suit

  7. Sunscreen 30+

  8. Sleeping bag or thin blanket

What you can bring:

  1. Swimming goggles

  2. Apré sunscreen

  3. Biscuits and goodies to replenish energy

  4. Alcohol (goodbye)

What you can't bring:

  1. Meat

  2. Drugs (regardless of type and substance)

  3. Bad mood

How to prepare for the trip?


Entry to Indonesia is possible with a European Union passport valid for at least six months from entry for 30 days free of charge.

Up-to-date information on entering the country is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .


Only the local IDR (Indonesian rupiah) is accepted in the villages. It is therefore advisable to take enough money with you for travel and stay. We estimate that IDR 2,000,000 (approximately € 130) should suffice. Of course, there are ATMs in Medan and other cities if you do not want to take money with you. However, in case of emergency, you should always have a little cash in your pocket, because ATMs can sometimes be defective or empty ...

Everything you need to know ...

Although all activities are voluntary, the price for accommodation and meals is based on the assumption that we all clean, maintain and repair the camp and its surroundings together.

How to apply:

Fill in the electronic registration form

In case of positive feedback and successful booking, a deposit of CZK 5,000 must be paid. Send the deposit to the YOGABLUELIFE account in the notes write: SUMATRA 2021

If we are unable to make your holiday for any reason

all money will be refunded to you.

The remaining amount is due no later than 3 weeks before departure!

Bank connection:

123-2497370267 / 0100

Marek Kawecki

We get up around 5:30, meditate and then have a nice breakfast together. The time after that is set aside for yoga and joint activities.

We will have lunch together at 1 pm and relax a bit in the hot afternoon.

We do not prescribe any rest periods, but we assume that all participants make sure that they have enough sleep and rest.

Health and safety:

Indonesia can basically be described as a safe destination. Even though the crime rate is low, it is still important to pay attention to personal documents, valuables and money. To avoid unpleasant surprises, the price for each service should be arranged in advance (eg taxi rides).

Although we live on an island near snakes, spiders, etc., the island and nature are not dangerous places to stay. It is only important that everyone behaves carefully and considerately. We are guests in an animal environment! Upon arrival at the campsite, safety instructions will be provided for all volunteers. We definitely recommend taking a first aid kit. You never know what it can be useful for ;-). Before you go on a trip, you can agree on who will take it with you.

Of course, you are responsible for all the medications you need to take regularly!

We strongly recommend anyone with a life-threatening allergy not to participate in our program! There is no hospital in the immediate vicinity. In the event of an emergency, we are unable to call the necessary assistance to the scene quickly enough.

We also encourage anyone with panic attacks, severe phobias, or serious physical illness not to participate in our program. The terrain can be very physically demanding. You can get the first impression in the photo gallery on the Blue life website .

If you have any concerns or other questions, write to us!


All you need is vaccination against hepatitis A and B, tetanus and typhoid. Of course, there are mosquitoes on the island, but they usually do not transmit malaria. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. We take no responsibility for them.


Meals will be exclusively vegetarian and vegan. There will be enough food for everyone. We will have three meals a day consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes and beans.

Since we do not have our own kitchen in Pulau Banyak (Blue Life), some locals have agreed to prepare food for us.

What else is important to us!

As we have already mentioned in terms of travel: we ask every visitor to use environmentally friendly hygiene products and rubber products for clothing. One of our rules is to play loud music. Everyone who wants to listen to music must use headphones. In principle, we try to keep the noise level as low as possible. This is especially true in the evening and at night.

If you want to make a trip to the island yourself, it's no problem. However, for your own safety, it is imperative that you let one of the group leaders know where you are going and when you want to return. It's best to write it down in the camp book! At this point, we would like to explicitly point out again that you are surrounded by wild animals. It is expressly forbidden to swim at dusk or at night or walk alone across the island.


Once again, a list of organic products that we recommend. We would like to emphasize again that only biodegradable products can be used in our country.



  • LUSH

  • ...

Make sure that all products do not contain silicone and microplastics! It is best to ask when buying, because many of the labels on the packaging are very mysterious.



Blanket, sleeping bag (thin blanket), yoga mat, loose clothing, massage oil, headlamp, spare battery, headgear, water bottle (preferably made of metal), protective gloves (hardware), mosquito protection, sunscreen (coral friendly) reefs), swimming equipment, snorkel, mask, fins, necessary medicines in sufficient quantities, a towel, hygiene items and detergents on an ecological basis and several energy bars


Flexible neoprene or rubber shoes with soles are recommended for water or wet terrain. They should sit well, they should not be too loose so that you do not lose them and they dry quickly.

What else can be useful?

If you want, you can bring your own insulation mat, but we have several in the camp. There are no pillows in the camp! If you want, bring a water filter, a camera, binoculars or a Swiss Army knife (pack in your hold).

Want more information?

Call me:

TEL: 606415417


How will I get there?

Register for a date of your choice and fill out the registration form. If you need help booking a flight, write to us, we will be happy to help you. Otherwise, you can start searching for a flight.

Don't you want to travel alone? Contact us for contact with other passengers. So you can find the flight together.

Share with us your arrival time in Sumatra or even better the details of the whole flight.

Flights to Kualanamu - Medan in North Sumatra, where there are regular international flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Penang (Malaysia) or Bangkok (Thailand) or direct domestic flights from Jakarta (Java). For cheap flights to Medan, we recommend AIR ASIA ( or LION AIR. Although we travel to Indonesia quite regularly, we still can't say which airline would be the best. Maybe you already have your own experience? Or did you get a recommendation? Do not hesitate to book an airline that suits you personally and share the recommendation.

Try to plan your flights so that there is always at least three hours for the transfer between arrival and next departure. The ideal day of arrival in Medan is the day of the start of the joint journey. We recommend departure in min. a day or two after the official last day of stay.

Tickets range from 400 to 600 euros, but sometimes you can get special tickets.


Just present your passport upon arrival. For the first 30 days from the date of arrival, the visa to Indonesia is free. If you are planning a longer stay in Indonesia, contact the Indonesian embassy in Prague. Processing can take up to 5 days and costs approximately $ 55. Visas can be extended for another month directly in Medan (Visa on Arrival). How long you end up spending in Indonesia is up to you.


You or my assistant will pick you up by car at Medan-Kualanamu International Airport. Then we will drive together to Taman Simalem Resort Hotel , which is located halfway. We will spend one night there and the next day after breakfast we will continue to Singkil. There we will have a ship waiting to bring us to the desired destination: Pulau Balong.

Do you have any questions about the trip or is something not clear to you yet? Write to us and we will try to give you advice and help.

Balong Island

The island of Sikandang is located in the archipelago of Pulau Banyak, in the Indian Ocean about 40 km from the northwestern Indonesian coast of Sumatra. It is a paradise archipelago with beautiful white sandy beaches, palm trees and fantastically beautiful unspoiled coral reefs.

The purpose of volunteering in the Blue Life project is to clean the island ecosystem and coral reef from plastic waste. This plastic waste is causing a decline in the population of sea turtles and is a huge threat to the populations of many marine animals.