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Thank you,

that you have decided to help the YOGABLUELIFE project.

YOGABLUELIFE is a community of people trying to help. We are not a non-profit organization, but each of our activities supports non-profit organizations. We organize Social Events, one-time or long-term events, seminars, yoga classes, lectures and festivals. All our activities help people not to forget the higher priorities of our common existence on this planet at this time. You can help us in many ways.

You can become a partner of the YOGABLUELIFE community and help us with the preparation of events on the spot, as a co-organizer you can help us with the offer of cheap rental space for our activities, or offer benefits for members of our community.

You can become an official registered member of the YOGABLUELIFE community. Membership is of three types.

A member who donates his free time.

Member paying voluntary contributions. Attention, we offer this variant to only one hundred people.

A member who is a paid part-time worker. Intended for students and people who want to help, but they are not the best at it financially.

In all cases, you become an official registered member and as a member you will be welcomed at some of our events completely free of charge and at others with a 30% discount on the ticket.

We arrange discounts and benefits for members from our partners.

It is also possible to donate money to Yoga Blue life.

The account number is: 123-2497370267 / 0100

Thank you all for supporting Yoga Blue life, without your support our work would not be possible.



You can also donate money directly to the Green life project.

This will support the expansion of the Green life reservation.

Reservation Green life

You can donate money directly to the Blue life project.

This will support the cleansing of the ocean.

Clean the Ocean